Traditional Indian Wedding in Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, Film Photograph by Fatima Elreda Photo

This truly was the dreamiest Calamigos Ranch Wedding in Malibu I have ever held witness to. It was also an Indian Wedding of my dreams. And it was probably the most fun wedding I've ever photographed or even been to! From the decor to the bride's outfits, it was perfection. They celebrated for two days, it was absolute perfection!

I've photographed my beautiful couple from their proposal to engagement session to my bride's boudoir, to their beautiful Malibu wedding day. So, when I say it was an honor to photograph this day, I mean it. There are four different parts to this beautiful celebration, expanding over 2 days and 3 different locations. I photographed the entire two days on 35mm film. If you are interested in having me photograph your Indian Wedding, please reach out and let's talk, I would absolutely love to!! Okay, let's get into this beautiful whirlwind of a celebration!! This blog post is very photo heavy -- enjoy.

The blog post is split into different locations and events, here's a preview:

  • Westlake Hyatt Regency held the Haldi Ceremony outdoors
  • Westlake Hyatt Regency held the Sangeet indoors
  • Calamigos Ranch in Malibu held the morning Ceremony
  • Hummingbird Ranch held the Reception indoors due to rain

Here's the incredible team that brought this day together:

A Panache Affair // Three Petals Design // Premiere Party Rentals // DJ 3D Sounds // Lulu Hairstylist and MakeUp // Westlake Hyatt Regency // Calamigos Ranch // Hummingbird Nest Ranch // Priti Henna Art // Symboll



This beautiful Indian Wedding celebration all started on a 9AM morning on Thursday at Westlake Hyatt Regency. The Haldi ceremony was the very beginning. It was BEAUTIFULLY decorated by Three Petals Design with orange carnations. The bride wore a beautiful yellow sari attire which made the Turmeric at the end of the ceremony really POP. It was truly breathtaking.


The Sangeet was an absolute and pure joy of a celebration. It started at around 6:30PM and went all night. My bride wore what I can only describe as a work of art. The engraving details were phenomenal. The decor was all pastel and so perfect. From the flowers to the lounge furniture, you could see pinks, purples, oranges; it matched Anusha's attire so beautifully! They planned it out to the dot.

During the Sangeet, there were a ton of different performances planned by my couples' friends and family. Even my couple joined in for a few. Aside from all of that, the food -- oh my goodness the food was delicious and there was so much. I've never not been hungry on a wedding day until this one. But anyway, I digress. The colors, the decor, Anusha's sari attire, and Deek's beautiful attire too. It was a night to remember without a doubt.



The ceremony was absolutely spectacular, I'm talking decor and outfits and flowers and everything in between. Calamigos Ranch Wedding in Malibu was perfection. I saw this even when it poured on all of the guests and it was cold, but even with all of that, this ceremony must have been one of the most beautiful ones I've ever had the pleasure of photographing. We started the day early, the first look was at 7AM. The groom, Deek, showed up in this beautiful red attire with a red turban. I was so excited to photograph him.

Later, when Anusha showed up my jaw literally dropped. I cannot describe how lucky I felt to be able to photograph their beautiful day. I was in awe for most of all of it. The details of her red sari attire were just so intricate. Her jewelry was ridiculously beautiful too. If you know Anusha, you know she has impeccable everyday style. So, it wasn't a complete surprise that her outfits on her wedding day were fantastic, each one better than the other. It was so much fun to photograph her.

After the first look, Deek had his Baraat. His family and friends gathered all around him while he stood on a cool white car (I really don't know anything about cars so I'm sorry if I offend lol). It was so much fun with the music and the dancing, it really rose everybody's energy as it rained on us. They led Deek all the way to the ceremony location. The ceremony, as I said, was stunning.

But first, the first look:

The beautiful Baraat that hyped everyone up and lead Deek to the Calamigos Ranch Wedding in Malibu Ceremony:

Calamigos Ranch Wedding in Malibu held the ceremony at the Pavilion:


This beautiful Calamigos Ranch Wedding in Malibu ended with an absolute rave through the night at Hummingbird Nest Ranch. Originally, the plan was to hold the reception outdoors but because the weather was not having it, A Panache Affair, the wedding planner team, flipped everything in less than 24hrs and brought it indoors. They truly did MAGIC. Everything came together so perfectly. The reception started with an epic first dance with the bride and groom, went into speeches, dinner, and then a full on party. Oh, and Anusha's reception dress? Yeah, absolutely stunning too. It was beaded, long-sleeved, white, and just totally beautiful.


Hope you enjoyed the photos of this spectacular wedding celebration! If you are interested in talking about having me be your wedding photographer, please reach out. I would be absolutely thrilled to talk to you!