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        • I am currently booking 2022 Weddings and Elopements •

        Thanks for stopping by! I place value on really knowing who you are, and truly whole-heartedly connecting with you. I love all my couples and can’t imagine approaching photography in any other way. If you expect to meet your photographer on the day-of your wedding, have them take some photos, and head out, I am not the photographer for you. I am the person that will send you tips for planning months before your day, I’ll check in with you when you need to vent, fluff your dress to get your shots, and make sure you’re feeling relaxed on the big day. I will tear up during your vows, and make sure to get those special details that we’ve talked about ahead of time. Finding your perfect wedding photographer is super important for that reason, you’re spending most of the day with them! Having a connection and liking them can truly be a day-changer!!

        Knowing you and having a sort of bond with you helps me photograph your love and personality more honestly, and that is what you deserve. I use photography as the medium to capture the journey of your love in the most tangible of ways. My goal is to photograph the feelings of your experience together. The feelings of your entire get-together, however that looks like for you. Whether your wedding is in a castle, on the cliffs of Big Sur, or in your backyard. Whether there are details and floral galore or a very simple and minimal set-up. It truly is all worthwhile to me. Be stoked to marry the love of your life, if that’s the focus then we’ll inevitably make magic regardless of the location and details!

        If this sounds good to you, if you value this too, then please continue on — I cannot wait to meet you!


        wedding collections start at $3500

        elopements start at $2400

        engagement/couple sessions start at $600

        The Process is Simple

        01. Complimentary Consultation

        02. Confirm Booking

        03. Personalized Planning

        04. Your Day

        05. Your Gallery Delivery

        01. Complimentary Consultation

        After you fill out the contact form, I will get back to you in less than 24hrs. I'd love to hop on a call to hear about your story and your big day. How do you want it to feel? What are you most excited about? I want to get to know you a little bit and get excited too.

        "You allowed us to embrace who we are as a couple and captured... our love for each other in every photo..."

        You went out of your comfort zone and photographed our horses and made us feel like we were on top of the world the entire day. You allowed us to embrace who we are as a couple and you captured our personalities and our love for each other in every photo that you took. You were a constant bright and shining light that I could rely on you never made me feel any less excited about getting married no matter the worldly circumstance. Our children will know how amazing you were and how much love you have for your couples as you embark on their journey with them. I could not have asked for a better friend to have come from our wedding journey.

        – BRITTANY

        "What sets Fatima apart is her genuine drive and passion to document and make sacred your relationship."

        Fatima is so much more than a wedding photographer. Her photos exemplify her innate gift of capturing love. She was everything you could want—extremely prompt, sharp, artistic, and warm—but what sets Fatima apart is her genuine drive and passion to document and make sacred your relationship. She met with us several times before the wedding to get to know me and my partner… Fatima is truly special, and we are so blessed to have her in our lives and to have captured our wedding. Not only were her photos breathtaking, she considered every minuscule detail of our wedding.

        – ALEXANDER

        "She was able to capture moments on camera that normally only exist in the feelings of that present space."

        Fatima shines so bright. She photographed our wedding and we couldn’t have imagined a more special person. She was able to capture moments on camera that normally only exist in the feelings of that present space. The magic of our wedding was captured. She is genuine, honest, straight forward, very professional and organized, but also was able to adjust to the natural flow of our wedding. She made me feel so comfortable being photographed, when normally I’m very shy. I am honored to have had her as our wedding photographer.
        – MIFA

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        Picking your photographer is a big decision and I am honored that you are considering me for your big day! Fill out the form below and I will contact you in less than 24 hours.