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        I am so excited that you want to get married in the beautiful city of San Diego!!! From ocean cliffs to gardens, to the cutest wedding venues! I can’t be happier for you! And I would love to be your San Diego Wedding Photographer! If you wanted to Elope, I know just the locations, and if you want a full-on intimate wedding instead, I’m here to help you too!

        I have a crazy beating heart for everything that is San Diego and I understand that this is probably your first time even planning a wedding! That’s what I’m here for! I like to consider myself an expert in San Diego Weddings and want to share as much of that information as I can with you! And as your photographer, I will be there for you every step of the way!

        I put this page together to help you start your planning process even before I become officially part of your journey! Scroll down to read about planning your San Diego Wedding! If you have any questions, I’m more than happy to help!

        WHY SAN DIEGO?

        Sunny, perfect weathered, San Diego! Any day or season of the year will be absolutely beautiful. If you wanted to elope and love the beach, the city, or cliffs and greenery, it’s all there waiting for your love story! And if you had a wedding venue in mind for a ceremony and/or reception, there are so many different types of options! Imagine an empty room with windows that allow light to flood. Or, a rustic, moody, feeling location. Or a beautiful house filled with Spanish style accents. And everything in between. San Diego has everything you need for before, and after your wedding day. The kindest people, and the best fish tacos you have ever had. That is why San Diego is the perfect location for you to state your promise of love to each other!


        There are so many options for your ceremony! For example if you wanted to elope, there are a few different ways to go about it. A courthouse can be your ceremony location and take care of your officiant right then and there too. And from there you can head to any location in SD for the pretty  backdrop photos of just the two of you! 

        On the other hand, if you wanted a beautiful location from the get-go and have your heart set on eloping like that… THEN we’ve got a variety of spots from the Balboa Park gardens to the Sunset Cliffs (yes, they’re as magical as they sound). And if you wanted to add a reception, you can do that in an added location of your choice! The beach maybe? The possibilities are endless.

        Instead, if you want a wedding with family and friends, you also have soooo many different types of wedding venues to look through in SD. San Diego has a variety of outdoor and indoor venues AND aside from that, locations outside that will allow you to have an intimate number of guests (something like an elopement but with ~15 people). I created a ceremony (and San Diego wedding venue) location guide for you with some of my favorite areas to tie the knot in SD! Access it by clicking the button below.

        San Diego Wedding Photographer, image by Fatima Elreda Photo


        Wedding vendors make the dream come together! If you’re eloping you’ll probably only need a few including your photographer, (maybe an officiant — if it isn’t your friend), and a florist for your bouquet and/or arch and sweetheart table! Buuuut if you’re having a wedding you’ll need some more and here are my San Diego favorites:

        Building 177, Best San Diego Indoor Wedding Venues, image by Fatima Elreda Photo


        Like I said, I freakin’ love San Diego. This gem of a place is so special and I want to share some of my favorite parts with you. There’s so much to do in San Diego before and after your wedding day! If you’re not local, this section is tailored just for you! And if you are and you think I’ve missed a must-have, tell me and I’ll update this ASAP!



        Torrey Pines State Park

        This is a go-to must while in San Diego! It’s a pretty easy hike, about 1-2 miles depending on the trail you choose. This is right next to the ocean, so you’ve got the sea as your big view.

        Iron Mountain Trail

        This one has some beautiful views but if you’re not great at hiking (like me), I’d recommend this to your guests who are. It’s about 6 miles and starts moderate but becomes difficult, depending on the different trails you choose. Definitely need to pack some extra water and sunscreen for this one!

        Cedar Creek Falls to Devil’s Punchbowl

        Okay, confession. I haven’t hiked this but have heard good and scary stories. It’s a hard one and ends in a punchbowl of a pool that is not too difficult to go down, but definitely a struggle to come back up. Yes —  people have died trying this so I personally wouldn’t but it looks cool if you’re into that stuff lol!





        Balboa Park

        YOU NEEEED to visit Balboa Park. It has a greenhouse area that is so beautiful and filled with plants. It’s a perfect spot for engagement pics 😉 if you really want to get the essence of SD. It  has a Japanese Garden, an area with beautiful Spanish influence (colored floor tiles, etc). Some people even hold their weddings here!!

        The City

        Another must go-to place is Downtown and the Gaslamp. It is the cleanest Downtown area I have ever been to! And if you stroll, you’ll no doubt be able to walk into a few galleries. If you’re into art, this is a dream. I’ve wandered into a Dr. Seuss exhibit, among others and every one I’ve been to is amazing and so interesting. I could spend hours there. 

        Night Life

        If you like the night scene, you gotta checkout Prohibition Lounge and Noble Experiment, I’ve heard some awesome things about them! I don’t drink but they look freakin cool, my friends recommended them to me before realizing I don’t. ANYWAY I can’t really give you some first-hand knowledge so maybe I’ll stop recommending bars. Look’em and see if you’d like’em?





        Oscar’s Mexican Seafood Restaurant will forever be the first on this San Diego Food List. You’re on the sunny coast, each city include the name ‘beach’ or ‘ocean’ ; the seafood is insane. Do not come to SD without trying this place out. Order the smoked fish tacos… and drool. 


        I LOVE sushi and haven’t found the best place… YET (it’s my mission). But, I was taken on a first date to the Sushi Diner because my date was a sweetheart and knew of my obsession. This spot is, so far, the best I’ve tried. And, it’s on this list because of the neat atmosphere of the restaurant. Bob Marley everywhere. I don’t know how Marley mixes with sushi, but it’s a cute combo and the sushi is pretty good!


        Blue Water Seafood Market & Grill has some raging reviews on Yelp (the holy grail that I use to get the best foods in my belly). I have yet to try this spot out but Yelpers are going nuts about it, so I suggest we jump on board!


        Okay, here’s one that’s not seafood that is insanely delicious if you’re into Mediterranean foods. Shawarma Guys has everything you’d imagine when you think mediterranean. I grew up with this food at home and usually am not a fan of restaurants because I know what the real deal tastes like, BUT THIS PLACE IS GOOOOOOOD. Give it a try and let your salivary glands show you how much they truly thank you.


        Last one, ’cause everyone love Pizza! Pesto Italian Craft Kitchen tells you everything you need to know in the title. It has vegan friendly options and is delicious as heck if you’re looking for something more casual, less sea-food and a comfort that only good pizza can bring! God, I love San Diego and its foods.

        Cute engagement session outfit inspiration, image by Fatima Elreda Photo

        San Diego Wedding Photographer Fatima Elreda Photo, Self Portrait

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