Summertime in July in Camarillo California, it sounds magical... and it was. It was a warm and beautiful Maravilla Gardens Wedding day. J&J surrounded themselves with their friends and family, allowing them to celebrate their day with their closest people and with minimal stress. The details were picked out intentionally from the cute cat portraits on their sweetheart table (their cats), to the phone that recorded voice messages from their friends. Surrounded by the gardens, they celebrated their union. It was beautiful, it was hot, it was memorable, and they looked so freakin fantastic through it all.

The day started with my bride and groom getting ready in the same airbnb -- but separately. It was sweet and simple. They did a first-look with their parents before doing one with each other at the venue. I love the quiet and still moments in the morning. It really sets the tone for the rest of the day. And this day did just that. The details were so much fun to photograph, the behind-the-scenes of getting-ready was very documentary and photojournalistic as I love to photograph too. The morning always lends itself to this type of photography and it makes me so happy.

Maravilla Gardens Wedding Ceremony + Reception

After the first touch, (they didn't see each other before the ceremony), the ceremony began and it was stunning. I shot the day on both digital and film photography and both are showcased in this blog post. Because the day was so bright and the ceremony was midday, we gained very bright colors where the sun hit. It focused directly on the bride and it was stunning. The greenery around them really came out and the sky looked extra blue too, it was beautiful -- especially popped out on the 35mm film photos! Quite a treat.

For their sunset photos they read their vows to each other in a private area on the property. It's funny because initially we were told that this space was gorgeous and filled with rolling hills. It ended up just being a lot of dirt, only because of the time of year we were in. BUT we made the best of it and used the area with the green long wall (not sure what it's called).

Scroll through and see how this gorgeous day unfolded. If you are having your wedding at Maravilla Gardens in Camarillo and are looking for a photographer, please reach out, I would be so honored to photograph your day!

Maravilla Gardens Wedding in Camarillo
Maravilla Gardens Wedding in Camarillo

This gorgeous Maravilla Gardens Wedding was everything! The venue was stunning, the couple was so beautiful and so sweet, and the details were perfection. If you'd like me to be your wedding photographer, please reach out, I would absolutely love to talk to you!