Ebell Long Beach is one of the most beautiful and intricately designed wedding venues I have photographed. The details are never-ending, in every corner and nook there's something so unique. Even the bathroom itself is a sweet photo backdrop. This gorgeous Ebell Long Beach Wedding will help showcase these beautiful details for you. I second-shot this lovely day for my friend Gabby Gandara.

One of the special things about photographing such special days and being a part of them in-person is also getting to go home and re-live them on my own. Editing your photos is an entirely different experience than being part of your physical day. It’s a dimension within itself. A time to bring back the energy, the feelings, the colors and the atmosphere just as they were on the day-of. I become the middle-man between your day and your tangible memories. When you receive your gallery the hope is that I can bring you back to the little fleeting moments and the feelings of it all. The hope is that I have bridged the gap.

All in all, Ebell Long Beach Wedding has beautiful arches, unique floor tiles, perfect amount of natural light, a beautiful couple with a stunning wedding dress and so many more details. The day started off with the beautiful bride and her sweet and intricate details and ended with cake cutting.

I hope you love the images that tell the story of this perfect day as much as I do. If you're interested in having me photograph your beautiful wedding day, please reach out, I'd love to talk to you.

The next few photos are dedicated to venue details because it is truly so deliciously beautiful and the venue itself needed its own moment.

Ebell Long Beach Wedding Ceremony

Ebell Long Beach Reception

The reception space was indoors and immaculate. It was set up in a very classic black and white palette. The way the sun shined through the glassware was magical. The candles and centerpieces brought the entire tablescape together is so beautiful and elegant. The chandeliers and the colors of the reception space itself also complimented the details that were added. It was all just so perfectly done.

The cake was absolutely stunning inside and out but a little hard to cut so it made for a very fun cake-cutting opportunity. Obviously the bride and groom had a great time trying!