Los Angeles Couple Photoshoot in Mar Vista, Images by Fatima Elreda Photo

This perfect Los Angeles Couple Photoshoot took place around the streets in my neighborhood of Mar Vista, Los Angeles. When I moved here back in December I immediately noticed what a gem these 'regular' streets actually were. Every time I'd drive home from a shoot or from buying groceries I'd think, 'one day I will be so lucky to photograph a couple here.' AND THEN THE DAY HAPPENED. The photos on this blog post are from that day. It's very special to me, I invited my couple into my home and they met my cat Phoebe, it was awesome. We shot with my digital camera as well as on 35mm film, and instant film (polaroids). It was a ton of fun and we lost track of time drastically. Sessions are usually one hour, on this day we shot for 2.5hrs and did not even notice the time!


I scouted specific places ahead of time and decided that one hour before sunset would be perfect light to shoot. Each location I chose was separated a bit by a few blocks. For example, we drove to one spot, parked on the curb and shot on that sidewalk. Then, got back in the car and drove a bit further up and repeated this. It was thrilling and exciting, and everything I ever wanted. I had imagined this shoot a million times over and was just so thrilled to finally be able to photograph it and make it come to life. My only regret is we didn't grab dinner at Oops! Sushi after the shoot, it was so late that they had already closed by the time we finished. If you're in the area, stop by and thank me later.

My couple was just as excited as me for and during our shoot which made the entire session so much fun. They have had their professional photos taken before but their experiences were not great. It was music to my ears when they told me that this particular Los Angeles Couple Photoshoot they did with me was nothing like their past experience. AND not only did they have a lot of fun, they felt it was so comfortable and natural to them too. Who knew that a couple spots on sidewalks in LA was going to be the most fun and perfect shoot location... oh wait. 😉


We really exhausted all of my cameras during this session. My couple gave me full creative reign so I definitely jumped on it. In this blog post you will see all three types of images taken during the shoot. The first part will show you digital photos, which is what you will always get from me during our session. The second part shows you the film photography taken during the day (it is so dreamy)! And the third shows you the polaroids I snapped. This is my work in all its glory. Hope you love it. And as always, if you are interested in a similar photoshoot, or would like to creatively collaborate on something completely different, please reach out and let's reserve your date make it happen.


All sessions are photographed on my hi-resolution digital camera. This is my style in general and how I shoot.


A roll of film can be added to your session for $85 per roll (approximately 36 photos per roll). If you're interested in that, just mention it and we'll add it to your session and make it happen!! 🙂


Polaroids are added to your session for a $45 addition.

I hope you loved looking through this session as much I did photographing it. If you're interested in me photographing your couple shoot, family session, engagement session or wedding, reach out and let's talk!



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