Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Engagement, image by Fatima Elreda Photo

This Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Engagement was everything I could have imagined it to be. Mary is a good friend of mine, and I photographed their proposal 2yrs prior. Andre initially wanted to propose in Santa Barbara because the location is very meaningful to them both, but it didn't work out. The fires up the coast made it difficult at the time for us to do that. He ended up proposing in the Huntington Botanical Garden which was a lot closer to Los Angeles. As soon as we had the opportunity to make it to SB we made it happen, it was worth the wait. We had no idea how long the fires would last, or that a pandemic was going to hit, it just ended up happening at the perfect time, I'm glad we waited.

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden Engagement

The garden itself is fantastic and so vast! It was my first time visiting actually. I'd been to Santa Barbara several times but the garden was new to me. There is such a variety in the backdrops and areas, we took advantage of every part we could during our session. Mary also changed outfits halfway through. The first outfit was more casual, the second was a change into something more formal. The change worked well with the change of light during the shoot. The day was all just picture perfect as we went through the different parts of the garden.

Note: to photograph in the garden you need a permit, click here to read more about the details.

We ended the night with dinner and ice-cream, not pictured here but it will never be forgotten. I love my clients so much.

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