Bride and Groom portraits in Rancho Bernardo Inn Wedding in San Diego, image by Fatima Elreda Photo

This Rancho Bernardo Inn Wedding was so fantastically beautiful, it doesn't even show how hot the day truly was. It was just so aesthetically perfect we soaked in the love of these two humans. I second shot this beautiful day for Alysha Miller, a talented wedding photographer friend.

The day brought on very much a garden feel. There was greenery in every nook and cranny of where we photographed, the bride's dress was classic and stunning. The couple in general were so easy going and fun, and it shows throughout the gallery. They were truly there to marry each other and enjoy life. It was a beautiful thing to witness.

Rancho Bernardo Inn Wedding

The bride and groom both got ready in hotel rooms on the property -- a very obvious perk of hosting your wedding day here. I photographed the groom and his groomsmen while Alysha photographed the bride (a benefit of having a second photographer, it allows your primary photographer to be in two places at once).

The groom wore a beautiful blue suit, he got ready with his groomsmen. We took advantage of their large sliding window in their hotel room as well as their patio right outside the window to take their groom and groomsmen photos. It's a big plus when there's natural light that can be used for photos during the getting-ready aspect of the day.

The first look was so sweet and cute. There was so much greenery and it was stunning. Like I said earlier, it was a very hot day so we took advantage of pockets of shade. The areas we chose were simple nooks and crannies around the venue but they made for picture perfect backdrops. The bride shed a few tears, the groom was all smiles. This couple's love was so beautiful.

Bride and Groom portraits in Rancho Bernardo Inn Wedding in San Diego, image by Fatima Elreda Photo
Bride and Groom portraits in Rancho Bernardo Inn Wedding in San Diego, image by Fatima Elreda Photo

The ceremony took place in the Valencia Lawn. Large trees lined the space, adding a magical and garden-like feel to the ceremony images.

Right after the ceremony, we took a few cute bridal portraits in the ceremony spot because the light was perfection.

Something special that happened during this day was that the groom wrote letters for each of his groomsmen and they read them after the ceremony. It was an emotional and beautiful moment.

The beautiful reception took place in the Santiago Courtyard which had stringed lights around the trees and a water fountain that acted as a backdrop to the couple. The details added a very beautiful ambiance to the space.

During cocktail hour, the bride and groom mingled for a little bit with their guests, then they did their grand entrance right into their first dance. It was beautiful, sweet, and a lot of fun. We then did their bridal portraits right before the sun went away. We just walked around the venue -- there are SO MANY different types of areas to use as a backdrop. Rancho Bernardo Inn makes a great space for weddings for that reason alone.

This Rancho Bernardo Inn Wedding was as perfect as perfect can be. It had a beautiful garden and romantic feel from beginning to end. If you're interested in having me photograph your beautiful day, please reach out and let's talk! It'd be an absolute honor to be able to capture your memories and make them tangible for you!



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