Bride and groom and bridal party in Crystal Cove State Park Wedding in Laguna Beach, image by Fatima Elreda Photo

Laguna Beach is gorgeous. But you knew that. This Crystal Cove State Park Wedding is spectacular. It started at a beach with an intimate first look. Then transitioned into a small ceremony with only family on an overlook at said beach. And finally, the party started with more family and friends in mom's backyard. It was sweet, simple, and everything they wanted.

Aside from Sydney and Evan being complete sweethearts and troopers after postponing their day due to the thing we don't talk about, they are such a power couple. Sydney owns her own online clothing boutique with the cuuuuuutest pieces of clothing and Evan is a firefighter! They're a great duo and it was a complete pleasure to work with them through this past year, as stressful as the year itself was. I am truly grateful for my couples and their positive attitudes during this time.

Last year, they had an entirely different wedding initially planned, (two different ones)... But somehow, this day just came together better than anyone could have expected. It was so absolutely perfect. The day unfolded as if this was entirely the plan all along. It's a beautiful thing that wedding days do, they always somehow work out, it's like magic. Regardless of the chaos that might come up, it really all just falls into place somehow. The weather was also on our side the entire time. The beach itself had a sweet and dreamy feel because fog rolled in during my couples' first look. It allowed for a seamless transition into their intimate wedding ceremony. The fog was non-existent at the home which allowed sunset to meet us right on time for their first dance.

Getting Ready

My bride, Sydney, got ready with her bridesmaids, mom, and sister in mom's Laguna Beach home. She began the day writing her vows while everyone hustled to prepare themselves. The girls helped each other with hair and make-up. Sydney got into her dress with the help of her mom and sister. It was sweet, intimate and beautiful. Sydney did a first-look with her bridesmaids after she went into her dress, we all teared-up because the moment was just so sweet.

Their First Look

Evan waited at Crystal Cove State Park for the first look. His reaction was so (😍) *heart eyes.* It hurt me to write that but I don't know how else to describe it. They knew they wanted to do a first look from way back when because although they love their family and friends, they wanted that special moment to themselves. They craved for the intimate just-them time after getting-ready and before the ceremony to help release all tension and nerves, and to simply have more time together. This of course also allowed for bridal photos to be completed before the ceremony began, which was a great little perk.

It was very sweet that the ceremony of this Crystal Cove State Park Wedding happened on an outlook because all guests and family waited there while my couple did their first look far down below near Abalone Point. This not only gave them space and privacy, it also allowed for a set of photos to happen with a beautiful and different backdrop.

After the first look with her groom Evan, and after the bridal party photos down at Abalone Point, Sydney did a first look with her dad not too far away from the ceremony location. We really were able to utilize all that Crystal Cove State Park had to offer.

Crystal Cove State Park Wedding

In this location, wedding ceremonies can take place in one of two areas: Abalone Cove before Memorial Day weekend; and a specific outlook on any other day. The guest size must be small, and the ceremony itself must not be too lengthy in time. This intimate wedding checked all the boxes, and because it was after Memorial Day, it took place on an outlook on the park. Sydney's uncle officiated. It was perfect, sweet, and simple.

After the ceremony, we took family photos (not pictured here simply for the privacy of the family) as well as a few more bridal party photos because we had time! After that, we took some more bridal photos of the bride and groom. Being able to take more portraits of them with a different backdrop was something we all really wanted and felt seamless to do. It was so nice to be on our own timeline and not need to rush to a venue after. The afterparty, aka reception, took place at Sydney's mom's home. More family and friends joined us there.

Laguna Beach Backyard Wedding Reception

A few more guests were invited and the party took place at a beautiful Laguna Beach backyard. Again -- totally perfect for what the couple wanted and felt was right for them and their union. Sydney's vision came together in a way no one could have predicted. Their first-dance lined up with the sunset time glow, the checkered dance floor fit so well with the ambiance of the backyard, the sofas and rentals fit so well with everything too. Dinner was pizza!! The night ended with the best hoorah -- a big splash in the pool by the bride and groom and their bridal party. Absolute perfection.

Did you enjoy how I photographed this beautiful wedding day at Laguna Beach? Would you like me to photograph your day?! Let's talk about it, scroll down below and fill out the contact form. I cannot wait to meet you!

Here's the incredible team that brought this day together:

Rentals- More rentals @morerentals

Bar cart- Runaway Indie @runawayindie

Florals- Sunday republic events @sunday.republic

Pizza- LA Pizzeria @lapizzeriaco

Dress- Luv Bridal in LA @luvbridal

Bridesmaids Dresses- ASOS

Cheeseboard- @char_cute_erie




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