Sunset Cliffs Surprise Proposal in San Diego, image by Fatima Elreda Photo

Sunset Cliffs is one of my favorite places in San Diego. This Sunset Cliffs surprise proposal proves how jaw-dropping and surreal this location really is. It's a popular spot but it's the perfect place to pop the question. Regardless of how packed it can get, you will always find a pocket of privacy. And its beauty helps you make that moment even grander. This area is the kind of place that also translates well into images, that's why I love it so much as a photographer. The golden cliffs compliment the blue sky and ocean surroundings so beautifully, making it hard not to enjoy the scene.

Sunset Cliffs Surprise Proposal

Mario reached out to me with an epic idea of various locations in SD. I suggested this place and we both agreed it'd be perfect. Him and Lety hadn't been before but San Diego in general means a lot to them so it would be special regardless.

To create some sort of ruse, we decided that we make this shoot seem like it'll just be a grad session for Lety. She's such a badass and had just graduated from Law School, it made sense. She deserved the spotlight, and it was a perfect way to get her dressed up and ready for photos without giving away the real reason. When we did a zoom call with her to talk about outfits for her grad shoot I WAS SO NERVOUS. But, I managed to keep it cool and also suggest that she bring a change of clothes to get pics with Mario. I said something along the lines of "since Mario will be there too, we might as well get some nice photos of the two of you together and do a mini couple photoshoot." It worked, a little too perfectly.

Her outfits fit the area beautifully. Mario looked so good too. They took direction PERFECTLY, made my photographer heart so full and happy. I was stoked and had to hold it in during her grad pics. BUT WE DID IT. After Lety changed into her second outfit, we first photographed some solo portraits of her. Then we went into the "couple photoshoot." And you know what came after that. Scroll to see how giggly and beautifully happy these two were. It was the sweetest thing ever.

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