Rancho Las Lomas Wedding, image by Fatima Elreda Photo

This Rancho Las Lomas Wedding is one you can't hardly forget, it had an elegant garden twist and was absolutely jaw-dropping in every way. The Rancho Las Lomas venue is so beautiful and unique in itself too. It's a zoo, garden, and a venue in one. It's located in Silverado, CA.

The bride's mom helped her get ready, the groom's dad helped him. It was incredibly sweet. The bride and groom got ready in different areas but met on a bridge near the bride's space for the first look. It was emotional, intimate, and beautiful. The couple did not have bridesmaids and groomsmen (which completely eased up the day for the both of them)! This is a wonderful way to approach your wedding. I'm wholeheartedly on board with it. I was the second photographer during this day for Jessica Raelene Photography.

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This day really focused on the bride and groom, that's how they wanted it so that's how they did it. Their first look was sweet, simple, and a bit emotional. It was beautiful. Because the couple did not want to read their vows in front of their entire guests during the ceremony, they set time aside right after their first look. It was intimate, emotional, and felt right and perfectly in-line with who they are. There isn't a "right" way to do things, this was the right way for them.

Rancho Las Lomas Wedding

The ceremony took place in La Terraza, a romantic garden oasis with California Oak all around. It's a beautiful and romantic forest vibe if I ever did see one. Chairs were put on either side of the staircase, which I thought might lead to Narnia, creating an aisle. The florals created a somewhat arc and were stunning. The couple went with white and green for their floral color palette and it fit the scene perfectly.

Before the ceremony started, we were able to take some photos of the bride and groom with this spectacular set up. I was super grateful that we had time to do that because they came out perfect. Whenever that's a possibility, I definitely aim for it!! When the ceremony began, the groom walked down with both of his parents. The bride then walked down with her mom, it was beautiful. The ceremony was simple, sweet, and pretty quick. When it finished we headed straight to the reception.

Bride Portrait in Rancho Las Lomas Wedding, image by Fatima Elreda Photo
Rancho Las Lomas Wedding Ceremony, image by Fatima Elreda Photo
Rancho Las Lomas Wedding Ceremony, image by Fatima Elreda Photo

Rancho Las Lomas Reception

Usually, the ceremony and reception happen in the same location. During this wedding day, they changed things up a bit. The reception took place in El Teatro, an open space that has Ancient Oak and Sycamore Trees surrounding the area. It also has a ceremonial stage where many people normally have their ceremony. In this particular wedding, they used the area for the cake. The set up was beautiful. And to help connect both spaces, the florals used during the ceremony were transferred here to bring this space to life and create consistency.

This particular Rancho Las Lomas Wedding was different than others, in a special way. It had an elegant twist. The reception colors included black menus and a b&w white table design. It was just all very elegant!!

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