Couple desert engagement photoshoot in Arizona, image by Fatima Elreda Photo

Arizona is a beautiful state. It was the first time I visited and it left an impact. I photographed this desert engagement amongst the cacti, and it was beyond magical. Even if I tried, I couldn't have dreamt this place up. It was a jaw-dropping experience for my couple (and me) to see the cacti soar over us. I never realized how humongous they could be!! That in itself made this session meaningful.

The desert engagement started late into sunset and went into blue hour. Blue hour is the time right after the sun has gone down. It casts a bluish tone to everything around and makes people glow. It's the magic from the transition of day to night. I rarely get to photograph my couples during this time so I basked in the moment. Photographing the quiet desert at this time was really very beautiful. During this session, we walked through and around the cacti, paused and admired, and filled our hearts with the desert air. The couple also brought their little airstream with them from California! It was the cutest and it added a new element to this natural scene.

Desert Engagement Outfits

They wore outfits that complimented the desert around us. Neutrals was the way to go and so they wore the color that just fits almost every natural environment. It was perfect. Aside from complimenting the area, they also complimented each other's outfits. This is the way to do it! I love helping my couples choose their outfits for their day because sometimes it's really hard to know how to compliment both your environment and your partner. Click here to see a Pinterest board I created for that reason specifically! I hope it helps.

Scroll through to see some of this desert magic. It truly was so special.

Vanessa Ingersoll from Cultivate by Faith styled this day and brought it together. She is an incredible Los Angeles wedding florist. Although the couple was hired and their outfits styled, I posed them, photographed, and edited all of the images on this blog post.

Hope you loved it!

If you'd like to head to this beautiful location with me to photograph your love, please reach out and let's talk!!



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