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        My beautiful couple Kenny and Bang wanted to explore their favorite spots in SoCal for their 3-year Anniversary and Mission San Juan Capistrano was their first spot. For good reason, this place means a lot to them. It is one of their favorite spaces to escape the concrete jungle of Los Angeles. They wanted to remember this space vividly and create a special experience here before they left back home to China after living in LA for a few years. They bought updated versions of their wedding attire and we explored the space stress-free. We ooh-ed and ahh-ed every corner we turned and were able to beautifully photograph them in this location so they can remember it forever.

        Hey friends, here’s a quick PSA: Mission San Juan Capistrano is a place in SoCal you need to visit. Put it on your list, you can thank me later. It’s so rich with history and the buildings and spaces will put you in awe, it’s so beautiful!


        A special thing about photographing in Mission San Juan Capistrano is that they have specific days not open to the public, but open to photographers! For this day, we booked a weekday where the mission was technically closed; we had the entire space to ourselves!! This is such an incredible option that’s available! It means we don’t have to compete with other people for spaces nor worry about others getting in our shot.

        Another reason I love photographing here is because each area is so different! This means you get a variety of backdrops all in one place! Some of my favorites include a very cute fountain area, a large grassy area and of course the different types of old buildings that they have all around the mission. The possibilities and images we can get are endless and that makes my heart very happy.

        It’s important to note, there is a photo permit required to shoot in this space. It is not difficult to obtain. Click here to find out more information about it! I will take care of the permit and include the price on your invoice.

        If you are interested in booking a session here with me, please scroll down below and fill out the form!! I cannot wait to meet you and photograph your beautiful love in this one-of-a-kind location!

        San Diego Wedding Photographer Fatima Elreda Photo, Self Portrait

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