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        I love San Diego with almost everything I’ve got. It’s my favorite city, at least a very very close second to LA. These Sunset Cliffs Engagement photos will have you falling head over heels over it too. At least I hope! I want every dang reason to go back down there to photograph your love!!

        Sunset Cliffs is a beautiful spot in sunny San Diego where cliffs meet the Pacific Ocean. It’s brilliant and beautiful, and breathtaking all at once. We decided this was the perfect spot to start taking my perfect couple’s beautiful engagement photos!

        Our shoot started about 2hrs before sunset, at 3PM where the sun was right behind my beautiful couple and I got to play with that very pretty light. We did some light-colored outfits to match the environment! It’s the way to go.

        I have a thing for San Diego cliffs, for another photoshoot on different cliffs (Black’s Beach), click here!!

        Anyway! Hope you enjoy these beautiful Sunset Cliffs Engagement Photos!

        After the sun went down a bit, we drove took some beautiful South Mission Beach Engagement Photos and continued our shoot in the waters of San Diego. My cute couple changed outfits into something that’ll match the sunset and the waters. It was absolute perfection.

        It was just all so beautiful. The sunset was awesome.

        Hope you enjoyed this session as much as I did!! If you’d like to book a shoot in SD, or anywhere else!!!!! Scroll down and fill out the contact form! I cannnnnot wait to meet you and do this thing together!

        San Diego Wedding Photographer Fatima Elreda Photo, Self Portrait

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