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        I’ve photographed in Joshua Tree a million times, this is the first time I was around the area and photographed elsewhere!! This Big Morongo Canyon Preserve Bridals session was all I needed. I learned instantly that Palm Desert is freakin’ beautiful in other ways than the desert.


        Bridals are one of my favorite sessions to photograph, if not the absolute favorite thing!! And not just because I love them because I get to be in some beautiful location, but because I see how much it ends up meaning to my couples too!!

        In short, bridals are a way to have more photos of you and your partner in your wedding attire to look back on decades from now! It can be done before or after your wedding! Usually, it’s couples who are planning a bigger wedding day but still crave the intimacy of an elopement-type thing without it being an elopement. It’s also a great and fun way to celebrate your anniversary! 😉

        So that’s what Bridals are! A sweet second chance, a more intimate time, a way to have some incredible images with you and your lover! It’s a way to focus on just the two of you, minus all the extra wedding things! AND we make it an experience by going to an incredibly beautiful location of your choice (COULD LITERALLY BE ANYWHERE), and by adding some love letters you can read to each other.


        My beautiful couple is getting married in early January but wanted their timeline to have a lot of breathing room. They also wanted the focus of their wedding day to be on their family and friends!

        With COVID in the midst of everything, their wedding day plans were also up in the air and could be changed without notice. They wanted to ensure they have one day that goes well and that they will have beautiful “wedding” images in a beautiful location regardless of how the actual wedding day goes!

        So naturally, we planned a day of bridals! We did it in October. Brittany used her make-up and hair trial for this day so it all fits perfectly beautifully. She wore her wedding dress and Tristan wore his suit as well!! It was their wedding day, without the stress of the wedding part, and we focused on just them.


        Because this was the first time they were going to see each other in their wedding attire, we absolutely did a first look!! A little bit away from their ranch, we found the perfect spot that we off-roaded to. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Because we didn’t have a whole wedding timeline to think about, we really focused on my couple and what was truly important to them! This included their beautiful horses!! So we photographed them with Cheyanne and Big Boy (guess which one is Big Boy lol). AND, them privately reading their love letters/vows to each other was important to! They didn’t want to do this with everyone staring at them on the wedding day.

        That is how their beautiful day unfolded. There are no rules on how to do this beautiful life of yours. Plan for the things you love. I promise you with everything I have that you will not regret it.

        The end!! Dang it this day was perfect. If you wanted to know, Brittany’s dress is from BHLDN.

        If you want to book a bridals shoot of your own keep scrollin’ and fill out the contact form below! I cannot wait to talk to you and make your beautiful bridals dreams come true.

        San Diego Wedding Photographer Fatima Elreda Photo, Self Portrait

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