Bride and groom portrait with horses, image by Fatima Elreda Photo

I've photographed in Joshua Tree a million times, this is the first time I was around the area and photographed elsewhere. This Big Morongo Canyon Preserve Bridals Session was all I needed. I learned instantly that Palm Desert is freakin' beautiful in other ways than the beautiful desert itself.

If you're having a wedding but also crave a more intimate day in your wedding clothes together, you'll really enjoy this blog post. My bride and groom, Brittany and Tristan wanted just that -- and we made it happen for them. We planned a Bridals session and created an experience that included what was truly important and meaningful to them. Because we didn't have an entire wedding timeline to worry about, it was simple to create day that focuses on my couple.

In short, bridals are a way to have more photos of you and your partner in your wedding attire. It can be done before or after your wedding. Brittany and Tristan decided to do their bridals three months prior to their wedding day.


Brittany & Tristan had a few different priorities for their bridals session, they included:

1. A First Look

Because their wedding was after their bridals session, my couple definitely wanted to include a first look. This just meant that we planned a specific time and place where they saw each other in their wedding attire for the first time. Tristan and I first off-roaded to the location, Brittany met us there afterward. It was fantastic.

2. Their Horses Big Boy & Cheyanne

They live on the ranch that would hold their wedding day, they ride their horses every morning, and help with the ranch upkeep daily. Their horses are very meaningful to them. On the wedding day we would not have much time take photos with them, so we took advantage on this day.

3. Reading their Vows

My couple was not planning on reading their vows on their wedding day in front of everybody. They felt it needed a more intimate setting, and so of course we made time for it this day.

That is how their beautiful day unfolded. There are no rules on how to do this beautiful life of yours. Plan for the things you love. And hire a professional. I promise you with everything I have that you will not regret it.

Bride and groom portrait with horses, image by Fatima Elreda Photo
Bride and groom portrait with horses, image by Fatima Elreda Photo

The end!! This day was perfect. If you wanted to know, Brittany's dress is from BHLDN.

If you want to book an elopement or a bridals session of your own let's connect and plan yours! I cannot wait to talk to you and make your beautiful elopement dreams come true.



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