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        There’s one thing I love most about family sessions, it’s the little moments you spend together. This sweet Long Beach Family Photo Session is a reminder of those times. They make the world a better place. The unfiltered instances that would happen without me there; bath time, nap time, eating time. These moments happen every day but merge with time and the youngsters usually forget all about them! These intimate moments should be documented. Buuuuut they absolutely should be, I say that with all the love and truth I have in me. This sweet long beach family session has what I’m talking about.


        Kailee is a realtor and we set this shoot to photograph both marketing photos for her AND family photos in between the gaps. So, her outfits will change throughout the session for that reason.

        In a home, or really anywhere, the biggest thing I can tell you about outfits is: COMPLIMENT YOUR ENVIRONMENT — do not distract from it.

        Usually, the easiest and most efficient way to do this is to stick to neutrals! This isn’t boring — I SWEAR! You can do this by bringing different colors together, and allows you to match/compliment/coincide with the surrounding area a lot smoother/prettier/better!

        Colors include: Olive Green, Mustard Yellow, Burnt Orange, Beige, Khaki, Tan, White, Gray, Black, Cream, Nude, Mocha

        Click here for a Pinterest board that will help you combine these colors in a beautifully appropriate way that will match most environments!


        The best places in your home to hold your family session depend on 2 things! This long beach family photo session followed this set of “rules”. Let’s break it down:

        1. Natural Light

        Natural light is my bread and butter. So, for in home sessions I’d suggest we do it a lot earlier than I’d suggest for an outdoor shoot. This is because it’ll allow more light into your home. Aim for morning 10-11AM or mid day, 12-1PM. This session started at 10AM in early October, for reference.

        Most of your home will light up, but pay attention to the areas that will really do so and at what time… and then relay that info to your photographer. 😉

        1. Importance to You

        This family session has the best light in the kitchen and of course their backyard, so we spent most of our time in these two areas. But, Kailee really wanted some photos in the bedroom even though there isn’t as much natural light in there, we made it happen because it meant something to them.

        If there’s a place in your home that matters a bunch to you, mention it! In home family photo sessions are specifically designed to document this time in your lives, the moments that matter most. So let’s make sure we get them all for you.

        1. My Favorite Locations

        My favorite spots are the ones that contain the most intimate moments. These include the kitchen (a little cooking, maybe breakfast time?), the bathroom (bath tub time), and some outside play.

        Hope you enjoyed this sweet Long Beach Family Photo Session. We can create some beautiful family photos for you in your home too, scroll down below and fill out the contact form. Let’s talk! And let’s create something that will last forever.

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