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        With COVID-19 having us all on house arrest, I wanted to share 5 steps you can take to be productive at home! As a wedding photographer working from home I use this in my everyday life (most days) and I think it could be useful for you too!


        • Waking up early is so important to set the tone for your day! Waking up is the hardest part but once you do, you have so many extra hours!
        • Make sure to drink a glass of water first thing, it really helps wake your body.
        • Wash your face! Workout then eat that nourishes breakfast! Read a chapter of the book you’re reading, or start a book!
        • Write out your daily affirmations, I set aside a notebook just for this. I love this part of my day, it puts me in such a positive mood. Click here to learn how to write them and what they are if you don’t know what I’m talking about!
        • THEN start writing out your to-do’s for the day! Writing them down helps you visualize actually doing them. And, at least for me, crossing them out once they’re completed makes me feel so accomplished!


        • I can’t work in a messy space, it clutters my entire mind! And whether you feel it or not, it does the same to you! So clean the environment around you. It will help you tremendously focus on the tasks at hand! And not get distracted with cleaning in the middle (been there, done that — all the time).
        • Get ready for work, even at home! Staying in PJs sounds amazing and you should definitely be comfortable, but not too comfy. Shower and dress, it’ll put your mind into the game (work) more efficiently.
        • Have a designated work space at home! This means, don’t work on your bed, keep your bed for sleep. Don’t chillax on your couch, that’s for tv time! Have a table/space set just for work! It’ll program your mind to work when you’re on it.
        • Also put your phone away from you… keep the environment work-friendly, minus obvious distractions


        • Set a work time that you can stick to. Just ’cause you’re home doesn’t mean you can’t have work hours. You actually should. BUT you can make them! Is 9-5PM your jam? 10-4PM? Just ’cause you CAN work 24/7 doesn’t mean you should!
        • Breaks are just as important too! And ’cause you’re home, you can have more of them! And guess what? It helps you to have more too! A 17min break every 52min of work is the way to go. Set the alarm for it! Use the 17min well, really distract yourself from the work so you can re-focus when it’s time for work.


        • It’s home, interruptions may seem inevitable! BUT announce to the fam that you need this time to focus.
        • Keep your phone away
        • Turn the TV off
        • Netflix can be turned on later, maybe that can be something to look forward to during your 17 min break


        • I cap the night off with a skincare regimen, it’s similar to my morning, but that’s just me! Some nights I’ll add a face-mask ’cause why not!
        • Read another chapter, or two, of the book you’re reading
        • UNPLUG FROM ALL WORK after a specific time, I’m working on making that time to be 6 or 7PM but honestly it’s 11PM right now
        • You should not work 24/7 just because you have access to all of your work (I’m saying this though I need to practice this too)
        • Downtime is Necessary!

        I hope you find these 5 Steps to Being Productive at Home useful!! Here’s to being at home and finding solutions to not be distracted, and getting stuff done! We can get through this one day at a time!!