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        Here are 10 secret locations to take Los Angeles engagement photos. These are the places I love taking and photographing my couples. They’re beautiful and nature-filled nooks and crannies in and around LA. I love nature, it’s no secret if you’ve seen any other blog post on my stories. Because I’m a LA-Based Photographer, exploring Los Angeles is kinda my thing. And getting away from Los Angeles, but not too far, is also what we Angelenos do.


        We’re pretty lucky to be in the LA area. The beauty of Los Angeles is that we live around mountains, the ocean, AND the desert. We have so many different types of landscapes and so many options and that is pretty freaking neat!!

        Taking couples to these locations and showing the beauty not so far out of LA is so much fun. Here are some of my favorite locations, and the ones my clients love most too!! This list consists of the best engagement photoshoot locations in and near Los Angeles! So, I’ve put how far away each location is from Downtown Los Angeles in miles.

        I’m familiar with these locations and have shot in each of them at least once. If you like the photos on this site, and you want to head to one of these locations with me, book a session and let’s go on an adventure!

        Note: Regardless if you go with me or not, please be respectful of the 10 secret locations to take Los Angeles engagement photos when you visit. Pick up your trash and pick up other people’s trash if you see it. Avoid areas that are closed off (whether it be for safety, or for preservation). Let’s not leave a trace, thank you!

        Los Angeles itself has its special little nature gems. Here are four of my favorites:


        1. Los Angeles Reservoir Park: 13 miles from my place

        • Location Attributes: Outdoors! Has cactus, long corn grass, cute area with little flowers, red-berry tree, green grass area with LA city view in the back, can see the Hollywood sign very well too!
        • Hike: Very easy and short


        2. Arlington Arboretum: 18 miles from my place

        • Location Attributes: Mini garden with several different garden spaces; ex. cactus, tropical, etc. Less manicured than Huntington Botanical Garden
        • Entry Fee: Free


        3. Huntington Botanical Garden: 16 miles from my place

        • Location Attributes: Garden with several different garden spaces; ex. cactus garden, tropical garden, Japanese garden, etc. Click image above to see a full blog post of a session there
        • Entry Fee: Adults // $25 on weekdays, $29 on weekends


        4. Los Angeles Zoo during Christmas Time: 18 miles from my place

        • Location Attributes: Pretty lights everywhere and several garden locations as well
        • Entry Fee: Adults // $20
        • Blog Post Example: Click here to see Kyler + Bianca’s couple session at the LA Zoo last Christmas

        Pelican Cove in Palos Verdes

        Friendship Park in San Pedro

        White Point Nature Preserve in San Pedro

        Going slightly farther than LA, we can find some beautiful areas. Here are some of my favorites in Palos Verdes and San Pedro.


        1. Pelican Cove in Palos Verdes: 30 miles from my place

        • Location Attributes: Outdoors! Has long grass, in the spring it has yellow flowers growing, a variety of different visual areas to photograph making it look like we went to three completely different locations
        • Blog Post Example: Click here to see Skyler + Rachel’s couple session at Pelican Cove Park in Palos Verdes in the Spring


        2. Friendship Park in San Pedro: 26 miles from my place

        • Location Attributes: Outdoors! Has a “land-meets-ocean-meets-sky”  area that is so beautiful. A part of it looks like hills in Scotland too
        • Parking Lot: right attached to park, it is a local park and will have people on weekends


        3. White Point Natural Reserve: 27 miles from my place

        • Location Attributes: Outdoors! Has long grass (non-native mustard) that can be laid on, has cactus, and open field
        • Parking Lot: street parking

        It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Malibu and its beautiful cliffs, rocks, and beaches. Here are some of my favorite locations in Malibu.


        1. Point Dume: 45 miles from my place

        • Location Attributes: Cliffs, green hills as backgrounds, green bushes all around with a dirt trail in between, the ocean in the distance. From this location we can also go down below to the actual beach and photograph with the rock formations near
        • Hike: It’s an easy hike upward from the parking lot
        • Parking: Lot, $5-8
        • Blog Post Example: Click here to see Charlie + Jasmine’s couple session in Point Dume. Click here to see Brandon + Jessica’s anniversary couple session in Point Dume.


        2. Malibu Creek State Park: 45 miles from my place

        • Location Attributes: Empty field with mountains in the background in one view, there are green hills that fill the space as well on another side, and then a “wall” of trees in another part of the park. It’s a green nature area
        • Parking: Lot, $3


        3. El Matador State Beach: 35 miles from my place

        • Location Attributes: Rocky beach where we can take several different images with the rocks but also the ocean. It has an area with just rocks, without the ocean in site, and vice versa too.
        • Parking: Lot, I forget the fee but I think it was ~$3-5



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