Smog Shoppe Wedding in Los Angeles, image by Fatima Elreda Photo

If photography's important to you, this is how to create the perfect wedding timeline with light, and your photo album, in mind.

I'm biased. I love the outdoors and nature. And, I'm a sucker for good light. So, I will prioritize the absolute best light for the ceremony and bridal portraits, and for the beginning of the reception (first dance). This is how I create the perfect wedding timeline for my couples. I've broken my process down to help you create yours!

My heart is for outdoor venues and indoor venues with lots of windows because of the unlimited amount of natural light.

Pro Tip: Pick a venue that will allow for as much natural light as possible, regardless of it being indoor or outdoor. Pay attention to the bride and groom suites and how much light they have too. All of this matters and will make a huge difference.


Ideal Time Allotment: 1-1.5hrs

Ideal Time of Day: Morning or Afternoon

Ideal Location: Space with natural light; Room with either large windows or many windows to allow ample light to enter

Have the photographer arrive at the end of make-up application (so at this point you’re mostly ready)! Photos can be taken as the last details are being done, as well as the overall details (rings, other jewelry, wedding dress not yet on you, shoes, flat lay of invitation suite, bouquet etc.) while everyone else gets their hair and make-up done.

During this time, images of putting on the dress (if you wanted those), of bride portraits, of you and your bridesmaids (if there are any), and the groom, his details, and then photos of him and his groomsmen “getting ready” can be taken. This entire time should be used for the details that set the tone for the day. Here is where your story begins to unfold.

If after these photos are taken and the ceremony and reception area are ready, then details of that should be taken before any guests arrive!!

Click here to see a venue getting-ready space location for the bride.



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