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        How to properly tip your wedding vendors can potentially be a stressful thought when you’re unsure, here’s a breakdown!! This may help when you’re going through your budget and setting aside your tips!

        Before I start I want to say, however much you decide to tip your vendors, the best way to do it is to put money ahead of time in labeled envelopes and give those envelopes to a trusted person (maid of honor, best man, or wedding coordinator) to hand out to the applicable person at the end of the wedding day! A sweet thank you card may also add that extra personal touch, though it may make more sense to write and send that after the big day, maybe when you get back from your honeymoon.

        So, how do you properly tip your wedding vendors?

        I reached out to different vendors in the wedding industry as well as past brides and found average responses as to how to tip your wedding vendors! Here’s an overall breakdown of what I think, as a wedding photographer, and how my colleagues believe they should or should not be tipped, whether they expect it or not, and how much is industry standard!

        Rule of thumb for tipping; tips are expected when you would normally tip this vendor outside of the wedding. For instance, servers, hair stylists, make-up artists, etc. Some of these vendors might add gratuity into their charges though so it’s always good to ask in case you’re not sure!


        Servers and Catering Staff

        • Expected? Yes! Because they would normally be tipped outside of this environment.
        • How much? 15-20% of the food price
        • When? Before they head out (end of reception)

        Hair and Make-Up Artists

        • Expected? Absolutely! You’d tip them outside of weddings, you should totally tip them during the wedding day too.
        • How much? 15-25% of the total cost, depending on how happy you are with their job
        • When? After the service is complete!

        Most of the rest of your wedding vendors tips are optional. This is based on the quality of work you feel they did and/or how long they were actually present. It’s definitely a good gesture and a nice way to say thank you!

        Wedding Planner

        • Expected? Nope!
        • How much? Around $50-200, depending on the difficulty of your day and the job they did!
        • When? Day after wedding or after honeymoon!

        It’s always a wonderful gesture to receive a tip personally, but I don’t ever expect it. I do however reach out to my couples for their honest feedback and request reviews, I find that to be a great way to show your appreciation.

        Kindred Wed & Events

        Wedding Photographer and Videographer

        • Expected? Nope!
        • How much? Around $50-200
        • When? End of reception or before they head out!

        As a wedding photographer, I don’t ever expect to get tipped, but when I do it’s a nice surprise. I have personally received tips ranging from $50-200, I have also received gift cards (which are just as appreciated), and honest and genuine reviews which is, I feel, one of the best ways you can show your thanks even if you are not able to tip big!

        Fatima Elreda Photo (yes, I quoted myself)

        Wedding Florist

        • Expected? Nope!
        • How much? $50-200
        • When? Before she/he heads out! (Probably after ceremony)

        It seems like $50-200 is my go-to but this is what my vendor friends have said! Anyway, depending on how well you think your florist did, a tip is a nice surprise and greatly appreciated. A vendor review is also incredibly helpful!!

        So I never expect tips because I charge for my labor and design separately than the actual floral designs. But it’s the sweetest gesture when i’m given one, it’s definitely a nice surprise (yay for gas and coffee money lol).

        Studio Terrain Floral Design


        • Expected? Yes!
        • How much? 10% of liquor bill or $200-300
        • When? After reception / when bar closes

        The Knot has a blog post dedicated to this subject too, and they included a few different vendors that I did not include on here. Click here to check it out!

        I hope this blog post helped you figure out a more-or-less guide as to how to properly tip your wedding vendors! If you have any questions or would like to talk to me about booking, please reach out!