Saddlerock Ranch Wedding by Fatima Elreda Photo

In this Saddlerock Ranch Wedding, the bride and groom's love lit the night on fire. Their first dance was my favorite! They went into it full of energy and then transitioned into a slow dance. Their family and friends made a circle around the dance floor and watched them with big smiles and heart eyes.

After the first dance, there was 45min of pure dancing, and then dinner, then a night filled with more dancing to celebrate the love of these two humans! Alejandro is Argentinian and Mariam is Persian. So, their band played a variety of songs from different languages including English. IT FELT LIKE EVERYONE WAS JUST A BIG BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!

There was So. Much. Love. During this Saddlerock Ranch Wedding. You can feel it when you entered almost immediately. Everyone was smiling, laughing, hugging, and crying (happy tears). Ever been invited to a huge party where as soon as you enter you feel like you know EVERYBODY? Well, that’s what this day felt like. I freaking love my couples. And that’s the understatement of the century.


To start, the ceremony and reception area were STUNNING. The ceremony overlooked the vineyard in the Saddlerock Ranch. A beautiful clear blue sky in Malibu, California made this the perfect day! The ceremony area is very small, but for the size of this wedding, it was perfect. The florals and set-up consisted of bright pinks, a bunch of greenery, and lemons and lemon trees!!

The venue itself is beautiful. It has this sweet charm to make you instantaneously feel happy here. There are so many different parts to it, it is easy to find locations to photograph, get lost in, etc. The reception area overlooked a mountain that was jaw-dropping as a scene for dinner... as for any backdrop really. I can't describe it in words so it's good I have photos to show you.


The venue does not have good wifi signal, or any type of signal really (could not text or call anyone from other locations in the venue), so it was definitely difficult to communicate with people from the bridal party. It was also hard to contact the wedding coordinator and vice versa.

Aside from this, there was only one shuttle assigned to the wedding. The same shuttle had to bring guests up and down from the parking lot, as well as transport the bride and groom and their party back and forth from getting-ready to first-look area, to ceremony. This alone took a very long time and forced the timeline to shift an hour. Plan for this, it would be very helpful.

Ultimately, this was the most stressful part of the wedding day, but even with this we all made it work! Everything was too beautiful to not find a solution to any of the smallest issues. All in all, this Saddlerock Ranch Wedding in Malibu was as close to perfection as any day could get. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed photographing the moments they consisted of.


You made this Saddlerock Ranch Wedding one I will never forget. Your love inspires me. You entered this wedding day with the biggest hearts and it showed. It was obvious that all you wanted was to be together, to hold hands, to be in each other's presence and it made my heart full and made photographing you so beautiful. It was a complete honor to photograph your day!

Mariam, you are full of life, kindness, and not one ounce of stress. It was so obvious how excited you were to start life with Alejandro. Your love is electric, you could FEEL it in your bones. Goodness gracious. You met me with open arms and I instantaneously felt like part of your family. Thank you.

Saddlerock Ranch Wedding by Fatima Elreda Photo
Saddlerock Ranch Wedding by Fatima Elreda Photo


Photographer: @fatimaelredaphoto
Florist and Plating: Art Fleur
Caterer: @commandperformancecatering
Gown: @viktorandrolf
Bride shoes: @louisvuitton
Wedding Coordinator: Kym from @beverlyhillshotel
Cocktail Hour Sushi: @sushiprivatecatering ⁣
Make-Up: @_chantalortega_ ⁣
Hair Stylist: @hairxanagarcia ⁣

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