My Top 10 Photography Applications as a Wedding Photographer

I use quite a bit of different apps on both my laptop and my phone to keep my workflow organized and smooth. Here are my top 10 useful photography applications that I use as a wedding photographer. From decreasing the size of images on my hard drives and site, to sending contracts and invoices in a professional and user-friendly manner, it's all here and most of them are fairly cheap, or free! Every app has transformed the way I do business in one way or another.

I am a sucker for helpful things that are free too, most of these I have used for years and they've kept my life organized and now help me keep my business in check and flowing beautifully on multiple levels. As a wedding photographer, my workflow can get hectic and sometimes overwhelming, these applications have made things so much easier and faster. Alright, hope you trust me and my top 10 photography applications that I use!

Prices with (*) means that was the student discount I received (yay college)!

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